People & Culture

We are more than 500 talents unlocking our potentials and building the company we’ve always dreamed of working for.

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People & Culture

We are more than 500 talents unlocking our potentials and building the company we’ve always dreamed of working for.
Want to join us?

What is the EloGroup Way?

We carry with us some key values that translate how we perceive and act in the world. This is how we unlock potentials every day.

_ To be an EloGrouper is to have courage and a point of view

_ To be an EloGrouper is to be curious and relentlessly seek knowledge

_ To be an EloGrouper is to be motivated by challenges: to want to solve new problems and always seek solutions with excellence

_ To be an EloGrouper is to never be satisfied and strive to raise the bar in everything we do

_ To be an EloGrouper is to have the DNA of transformation and be guided by change: to be Driven By Challenge and Driven By Change

_ To be an EloGrouper is to be honest, ethical, and a partner. It’s enjoying working together

_ To be an EloGrouper is to bring energy to everything we do. It’s combining vision and action and a willingness to make it happen

“The EloGroup Way is about constantly challenging your limits. It's about always seeking your best version.”

Our People, Our Way

"Authenticity. It's seeking our own perspective in everything we do. Always looking at problems with the mindset that there's a different way to solve them, one way that creates more value for everyone involved."


Marcos Navarini, Leader of the Digital Lab

"Working at EloGroup means always being surrounded by highly competent people who strive to give their best to create value for the client."


Amanda Suffert, Senior Consultant

"For me, The EloGroup Way is the freedom to express myself in a company I believe in, with people I trust and share my values with."


Marjorie Muniz, Senior Consultant

To be an EloGrouper is to be part of a team of incredible people who inspire you and raise the bar on the country's productivity. It's to be in a group of good-hearted people who care about your humanity and society, and try to make the world a better place."


Gabriel Renault, Executive Director of Advanced Analytics and Technology

Our People, Our Way

"Ser um elogrouper é fazer parte de um time de pessoas incríveis, que te inspiram e mudam o patamar de produtividade do país. É estar num grupo de pessoas do bem, que olham pro seu lado humano e pra sociedade, tentando fazer o melhor para o mundo."

Gabriel Renault, Diretor-Executivo de Advanced Analytics e Tecnologia

"O JeitoEloGroup para mim é a abertura para que eu possa expressar o meu próprio jeito, em uma empresa em que eu acredito, formada por pessoas em que eu confio e com quem compartilho meus valores."

Marjorie Muniz, Consultora

"Trabalhar na EloGroup é estar sempre cercada de pessoas extremamente competentes que buscam se doar ao máximo para gerar valor ao cliente."


Amanda Süffert, Consultora

"Autenticidade. É buscar um ponto de vista próprio em tudo que fazemos. Sempre olhar para os problemas com uma cabeça de que dá para resolver de uma forma diferente, que gere mais valor para todos os envolvidos."

Marcos Navarini, Líder do Digital Lab

Nobody is relevant on its own.

At EloGroup, we have a commitment to individuals considering all their uniqueness.

Our challenge is to keep building the company we’ve always dreamed of working for, and to do that, we constantly seek to listen to our teams, working together to design solutions that help each person develop their goals, strengths, and purpose – as professionals and as human beings.



We like to repeat a phrase here: no one is relevant on its own. We work every day to create an inspiring and inclusive culture, one that is diverse, empathetic, and based on dialogue, where we value collaboration, equality, and autonomy.

The EloGroup Way is about this collective exchange: we are together, working to unlock each person’s potential. Because we know that this is how we achieve our best and unlock the potential of organizations and the ecosystem around us.

Sabemos que só conseguimos atingir nosso verdadeiro potencial quando juntamos visões plurais, pontos de vista e experiências diversas e trocas verdadeiras. 

Aqui, na Elogroup, trazemos Diversidade & Inclusão como um pilar fundamental: valorizamos a pluralidade de personalidades, identidades, gêneros, orientações, classes sociais, raças, etnias e todas as características que fazem cada pessoa ser um indivíduo único, buscando cada vez mais promover essa realidade na nossa cultura e na nossa estrutura.


Unlocking the potential of individuals and organizations is only possible through diverse perspectives, varied experiences, genuine connections, and, above all, respect, and appreciation for diversity.

Discover our Diversity & Inclusion Program.


Our purpose is to ensure that our talents fulfill their purposes.

To achieve this, we have created a series of programs and initiatives to help EloGroupers develop both professionally and personally within the company.


Our purpose is to ensure that our talents fulfill their purposes.

To achieve this, we have created a series of programs and initiatives to help EloGroupers develop both professionally and personally within the company.

Development Programs

EloGrouping Day

EloGrouping Day is the monthly gathering that brings together all EloGroupers, strengthening our one-firm fit. The agenda includes project cases, market studies, squad presentations, and training, ensuring alignment for all the company’s most strategic actions and planning. This reinforces our commitment to transparency and exchange among all levels of the organization.

Summer Job EloGroup

Summer Job is EloGroup’s summer internship program – designed for students from all over Brazil who want to have a hands-on experience working with clients, learning about consulting, having regular feedback, and a challenge to present at the end of 3 months.

Be Yourself Committee

In our quest to represent and include the diversity of all individuals at EloGroup, we’ve established the Be Yourself Committee. Its mission is to study topics related to diversity and inclusion, as well as contributing to the development and execution of strategic D&I actions and support decision-making related to the subject.


EloCampi is our university relations committee. Through initiatives with universities, departments, junior companies, academic centers, Tutorial Education Programs (PETs), Enactus, consulting clubs, entrepreneurship groups, and other organizations, we provide practical knowledge to bridge the gap in universities and bring young people closer to the corporate world and the technical topics that are currently in demand. This allows us to have a positive impact on the university ecosystem and connect with talents who align with our culture and value proposition.

Care Program

Care Program aims to share information about quality of life for EloGroupers, focusing on three main pillars: Mental Health, Physical Health, and Well-being. Within the program, we promote initiatives such as psychological counseling sessions, yoga and meditation classes, live sessions on quality-of-life topics, weekly feelings tracking, and surveys that closely monitor the mental health of our team, ensuring that care is a recurring theme in our daily lives.

EloGroup Academy

EloGroup Academy is our knowledge dissemination and training program aimed at enhancing and improving our integrated TAM approach. Here, we ensure that all EloGroupers are deepening their skills in Technology, Analytics, and Management.

EloGroup Competency Framework

To materialize our value proposition and our purpose, in addition to the technical competencies in Technology, Analytics, and Management, all EloGroupers are developed in these six corporate competencies:
Creating Value

Our goal is to increase the value creation and ensure the future vision of EloGroup’s business as a whole: ensuring strategic business vision, business development, networking, and technical capability with the development of new offerings.

Developing People

A competency focused on fostering the development of the group as a whole to unlock potentials and impact individuals and businesses. At EloGroup, we value the ability to build and develop teams to achieve incredible results together. In this sense, we emphasize the importance of EloGroupers guiding and monitoring people’s development, ensuring a positive atmosphere in their daily work, and serving as inspiration to those around them. After all, no one is relevant alone.


When we talk about problem-solving, we are emphasizing the importance of always addressing real issues in a clear and direct way. Here at EloGroup, we always aim to think about end-to-end solutions with knowledge and impact. We want to ensure effective technical delivery, scalability, and, above all, delight for our clients in every project we undertake.


At EloGroup, we combine methodological rigor with simplicity and practicality. We always work closely with our clients, getting hands-on and ensuring efficient project management. Our primary goal with this competency is to ensure that we consistently have great quality and committed work.


For us, there is nothing more important than knowledge and intellectual curiosity – we are always oriented towards learning, valuing the test & learn mindset in everything we do. Our focus is to be the protagonist of our own development, leveraging every opportunity as a repertoire and a source of learning, including our mistakes. It’s adopting a curious mindset and challenging ourselves to unlock further potentials.

One-firm fit

This competency speaks to the alignment with the EloGroup Way of being and working, our way of acting, feeling, and believing – what sustains us in building the company we’ve always dreamed of working for. We value collaboration and an ownership mindset. For us, being an EloGrouper goes beyond delivering flawless technical work: it requires representing our culture and our approach to projects consistently, engaging with the entire team, and seeking to promote the exchange of experiences and learning in a cross functional way throughout the organization.